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Title : Starry Hilder Traumatic Accident: UPDATE
Description : Friends, GOD IS GREAT! And all of your prayers have been lifted to the HEAVENS! I had a very bad bike accident. In a blink of an eye your life can change. In a breath it can be a heart beat..taken from you. BUT GOD our great comforter has a plan for all.
I FEEL GOD working in my life. and although my body is broken...HE fills my soul with HIS love and all of your love! I FEEL your prayers...your concern..your love! I have not been on Facebook or youtube to read anything..BUT Mr Hilder has told me about the outpouring.
In such tragedy people are coming together...they are embracing...rallying. Doug and Stacy off Grid made a Y
T video that I finally viewed last night and it brought tears to my heart !!!
THIS is what GOD wants HIS people to do! LOVE!! We are all brothers an sisters! WE NEED to love EVERYDAY...and if this accident which has taken my body and torn it in two...brings people together...and opens peoples eyes to HIS glory..I WILL STAND here and BE his TOOL for it!

Thank you all so much for your is so deep and so pure.. I am in tears ...Tears from all of this love...thank you Doug and Stacy for getting the word out..thank you Fewell Homestead for your heartfelt video... Watchmen News for his concern and prayers......and thank you to An Re for the prayer requests...thank you Ozark Off Grid Family also for your video and my special love to my sister in Christ Kneady Homemaker who fill me with joy every time she speaks!!!

!..I wish I could express how deeply deeply again touched I am ...
The comments I haven't been able to read them all..forgive is VERY hard to type and to sit...but Mr H tells me and reads thank you!

for all those who are medically wondering

I have a c6 Fracture....I will be collared for 12 weeks... I am very lucky..if I fall or move wrong I could be paralyzed..but the nueo surgeon says the bone WILL HEAL
I have extensive ligament damage and swelling of the spine..
Alot of pain from this..horrible is hard to get this under control right now since I cannot tolerate much narcotics..I am to much of a light weight....
The extensive hole THRU my face to my gum/upper lip was sewn with many stitches by a plastic surgeon in Spokane.
It looks like a mangled mess..but time will heel. The rest of my face is abraded and swollen...I have someone three times a time scrub it with saline and put ointment on 6x a day
I am blessed for my l lower body was unharmed...
My whole face hit the pavement...with the weight of my body...the front tooth broke in half..
This was removed the other day..i will need a implant when the dentist says I can afford to pay for it
I am eating only pureed foods
I am not hungry so it is hard to eat...
I have friends come and care for me daily...I am well taken care of....
I am blessed to be staying at a friends home..and the people who come b y love me so so much..its overwhelming....

If you want to send a card or care package please just DONATE here or on the GOFUND me website where your help is needed th emost!!!


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