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Title : Warning (Reggae version)
Description : I felt like making a Reggae version of this tune :)


Mi a fe warn dem, inna dem mind
Tings dem a miss so dem bitter and blind,
Call dem, wicked man line,
Up inna yah as di syllable rhyme,
Inna these times, whole heap a dem a nuh know di meaning when mi seh mi riches a life
Suh mi singin' it right fi mek di whole a dem a know seh di promise for di future a di system a lie
Dis cyaan be right, look weh dem have in sight, when all di superficiality mek dem gwaan fi plight
Mi lose mi appetite, over di satellite, media impose ting pon dem fi mek dem starve inside
Mi haffi clarify, di trouble real suh mi no haffi magnify it
We haffi start tonight, fi tell di youth fi live more than a compromise


For dis a warning
Hear me calling
People dem bawling
United we stand but divided we falling

When mi read news mi a wonder how dem gwaan again
Mi see di youth kill each other wit dem arm again
Nuff a dem madda dem a done drive mad again
But di youth dem nuh have no fada dem
And di police dem a buss dem hard again
And nuff soldier dem a start fi march again
Nuff people stunned when dem gwaan drop bomb pon dem
For dem believe seh dem cyaah exist in parallel
We haffi find some order den
A fe propose a plan for dem
Reject fe fight di war for dem
Far we no cooperate wit warmonger dem
We shoulda really stand together and tall again
Haffi reason together and talk again
Find a common denominator and start again
Fi bring more Love inna di tin can heart a dem


For di history it filled wit nuff alteration
Babylon dem still a fool all di nations
So many country dem still lack reparation
Nah no compensation for di devastation
Di people dem fed wit false information
Chequerboard wall street man dem a play pon
Politricker blabba big mouth like a caiman
Leading them straight on wrong way like sheitan
Dem system a failure
Society seems upside down like Australia
Still we a wait for ting fi go change yah
But dem all keep tinking wit di mind of a caveman
See dem all faker, manipulator
If we follow dem see,we all gaan astray yah
Nuh separate ya before it too late yah
Di solution it found by Loving your neighbour
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