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Title : GLaDOS vs Neo - URBoF #1
Description : The reboot begins.

Mancha as Neo
UnamusedDetective as GLaDOS
Beat by Epidemic Sound
Thanks to Yobar for mixing GLaDOS!

What if I told you that you’re testing my patience?
It’s a death deja vu with this bitch in the Matrix
My disses more vile than the toxin you advertise
Systematically become the Agent of your demise
You can’t escape with an ATLAS when this Lab Rat gets trapped
Crash a murderous modem with my hard driving raps
The Source of your Failed Mistakes lies not in your irrelevance
because Caroline’s riddled with artificial unintelligence

I spit acid, leave this pill seeing red on the litmus!
Neutralize a basic itch with a swath of pure citrus!
Thus I feel Repulsion from your lack of control
Trippin’ harder than Alice down the rabbit’s hole
This M C P U is vicious; giga-biting Keanu
Listen, Mr. Anderson, because I know you’re kung screwed
I’m apetured you preferred your allegorical Cave
Like your reality, you beating me’s a piece of cake

Now I’m dodging your insults, call it GLaDOS bites the bullet-time
I’m punishing your lunacy; you’re too birdbrained to realize
that while you’re stuck on a Chell like Ouranos’s daughter
I rewire like a juvenile, for science, you monster!
No! Stop! No! No! No! No! NooooOOOOOOooooOOoooooOoOoO!
Kicked a dea ex machina and left her circuits deep fried!
The starch truth? You're not sweet, but Enriched with polysaccharides!
Shuffle off this Portal coil, for you’re mortal with no morality!
I'll eat you with the non-existent spoon that is your victory!

I test proto-call the shots! Turrets stop you in your tracks!
Like the Companion Cube’s inferno I rhyme it hot on the track!
Now I’m shutting you down, The Matrix Online’s had a Half-Life
You sacrificed in vain, it seems that I’m Still Alive!
I’m a flawless divinity, Architect of your destruction
With a better Core Trinity than the one of your seduction
Sì, lontana da Scienza! My Cypher shows I Want You Gone!
The One's more of a zero, see, now that’s what I’ve been counting on!
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