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Title : Makaveli Child
Description : LORD Let Me Talk To Them,

Hit 'em up, Hit 'em up
I ain't even wanna hit 'em up hit 'em up
I ain't even wanna hit 'em but I hit 'em up [5WORD2 5WING2]
I tried to talk to him, Dear LORD tried to talk to them

LORD i Give a Prayer to The Homeless, My Song Just Reaching out To My People, Be Gone Stress, On Yet I can see D` root of D`evil it's Gone get a strong test, blood diamond lust from the feeling, Sex the Wrong Guess, pay attention Son as I Heal you, Our Souls Blessed, Lets Roll West, where Sun Sets, walks this Vally threw shadowed dept, a long Step, Weapon of My Life is My Living sword, A Roar Kept my Heart With the Fury to Stand for Mine, seance age 16 i was on the Grind, Rebellious i couldn't Stand In Line, they Say i had a damaged mind, Yet i felt a Light with a shine so Kind, that Opened eyes to Understand these Skandalous times, Those I thought that protect Me they Try & Keep Us Blind & Hide Our Family Vine, They Poison My Roots with Insecticide & plot Genocide, I'm trapped behind Enemy line, With No way to Escape, they Control all States, they plot to Destroy all faiths, they Can't Break my Faith, Shackle lock ClIck Clat, Lock Us in A Box for Speaking the Truth D`evil in devils will Do, Bars & Block Stone Rocks Lock Me In a Cage, white-man in a black dress give a Man a 125, I'm buried Alive my Soul Cry, will Never see My Children In The Eye, I wish I could die & release this time, We been enslaved 400 Years we cried, this devil Still alive breaking Minds, they plague are hearts to invision Crime as an only route for survival. daddy Gotta Feed His House Hold Yet they Give Him a Strong Hold, It's a snow Storm & it's So Cold, convicted felon No Pot of Gold, What Will You do If You Entered My Shoes, circumstances is loose loose, Will you Watch your People Suffer, As the Sheriff Evict your Mother, We homeless know they took away Covers are comfort, As Men we must Come forth, We Have Armies of Good Men Locked Away & Boxed In Graves, It's a Time to Smile a Time to Cry a Time to live a Time to Die, we already Fell LORD Help Us Rise, Look in The Eyes of This CHILD She'll Make You Cry, LORD He'll Heal Hell, Blessing to Hale Mary a Power I Know Well, Welcome Inside My Heart Feel with Hurt, I Promise There's No Fear That Lives In Hear LORD Wash Away My Pain & Please LORD Cleanse These Blood Stains, LORD Come Inside My Door & Make Me Yours, Cast This Dark Cloud of Us Black Sheep, In You We Always Believed, Even threw the deception from the Enemy, We Keep Are Faith I You, LORD Make Us Jews so PeRiCioUs 12 gates of Jewels, Chrysolite, 144 cubits according to human measurement, which the angel used. 18 The building material of its wall was jasper, and the city was pure gold like clear glass.

19 The foundations of the city wall were adorned with every kind of precious stone:

the first foundation jasper,
the second sapphire,
the third chalcedony,
the fourth emerald,
20 the fifth sardonyx,
the sixth carnelian,
the seventh chrysolite,
the eighth beryl,
the ninth topaz,
the tenth chrysoprase,
the eleventh jacinth,
the twelfth amethyst.

21 The 12 gates are 12 pearls; each individual gate was made of a single pearl. The broad street[i] of the city was pure gold, like transparent glass.

22 I did not see a sanctuary in it, because the Lord God the Almighty and the Lamb are its sanctuary. 23 The city does not need the sun or the moon to shine on it, because God’s glory illuminates it, and its lamp is the Lamb. 24 The nations[j] will walk in its light, and the kings of the earth will bring their glory into it.[k] 25 Each day its gates will never close because it will never be night there. 26 They will bring the glory and honor of the nations into it.[l] 27 Nothing profane will ever enter it: no one who does what is vile or false, but only those written in the Lamb’s book of life.

I thirst for the truth so I dived in the abyss to Drink of thee Deep blue See. Such a Salty flavor as thee Living earth bleeds water not fire. Volcano are of boils from such a Kind Rock that Gave Us flower and Loves to See Us Smile. The World is Not Are Enemy It Those that Reap it With Wages and Rages us out as Slaves. Give Us Are Land we Will Make a Beautiful Garden Give us Are Donkey. Allow me to Build a Stable with a manger for My off Springs. Please American Idol step Aside Your help isn't Needed Anymore. You Chose wealth instead of World Peace as You refuse to be counted amongst My Sheep. Step aside and Cover your Marketed Name you don't Belong to you Know more, you've request that your name be Sold for Silk and a Palaces that you Never visit Because you Have so Many lavish homes. You Make a poor Mans mouth Water. How proud of You of Yourself. Give a Donation to Clear your Conscience maybe that will help. Kiss Your Grammy awards because your The Best. Smile and Be happy as You walk by those with less and have a face of pity. You are First Class bling bling. Yes these are your teaching. You made it to the top know your swag is all that matters. You speak the truth right and whats your new trends & influence on thee ZION HEAVENS KINGDOM CHILDREN of LORD GOD JESUS CHRIST KRISHNA ALLAH thee LAMB of ISLAM. American Idol's What have you truly done to help Us whom the Whips of uncle Sam scorched. Do You have nothing to Say, Uncle Sam is your Best Friend as You Rebuke Me and Turn up your Fame even higher. You say to yourself if a Million people listen to what I say and agree it is the Truth. FOOL!! You are most False thus I AM JE SUIS HE that this planet called Retarted and hospitalized for My witness to Der Tupac whom they Tried to CapTuRed Yet In A Wirl Wind HE Was Brought Up to Thee SEVEN HEAVEN so That All May be fulfilled Concerning Thee Return of LAMB BOW & BOWL of Wrath that Proceed With Thy Coming. MAKAVELI & DEAR CHRISTOPER WALLACE We're To Big For This World To Bare Behold Thus Thee Story of There conglomerate Brings Such A Light upon thee 7 day Theory Lamp Stands this A Standard of Prophecy To End any Arguments That African American Have Thee Blood of Abraham Issac & Jacob Thus From The Testament of Lincoln & Thee Penny As a Reflect of The WAR we Fight Against Thee Beast whom Is Uncle Sam the Spirit of Geogre Washington whom evil Spirit whom possessed George Washington. Bush as Even know that disgusting spirit of Geogre Walker Bush rested in Scott Walker and thee F.B.I & CIA Yes They Are the Illuminati this Boston Tea Party of 76ers i undecoded as 7:06 of 6:66 on My Measurement of The Pain They Caused Upon All Nation in Orders that Tell Bondage All My Children With False Images & False Teaching & Pledge Us with So Much Pain Lonely Hunger & Death We've Resorted To Drugs & Crimes from Lack of resources & so much Darkness within There Judgement Cycles that All of My Brothers Have been Marked & Sentenced to Death & Know contain an Inner Rage from Loneliness & sadness from so Much Pain & Hurt from Thee Deaths of Everyone that attempted to stand up for them from the Ways of the Darkness of this World That My People Receive all the Blame & ridicules that evoke contemptuous & temper. Everyone disagreed with My full likeness & my brothers & sisters that grew up in this Ghetto in Hell. pharisees and scribes say I should feel blessed things could be worst, I could've been born in a 3rd world nation, so I should be happy to be an A American because We're Free. I say to My Self Yes what you Say is True, but Something is not Right, I can feel it Burning in My inside. All the Crime Death Street Wars, Yes It's Easy to Point A Finger at The Trigger Man. Yet In The Dept of My Soul I Know that The Leaders of This Nation I'm From threw Some sort of Chain Reaction Caused These Results that Lead to thee Depression & Oppression of My People. My Families Are passing away to Young & those judges that sit on the Stand & the New reporters all these agents & offices that send up the run around. A 18 year old that didn't make it threw all them painful academic test with the brain wash math science this and that & no employment, then to finally get a job then to afford to pay your rent then food phone electricity, a Man will go Crazy slaving 6 days a Week for the rest of His life with so Much depression then have the Need of some Companionship & to raise a Child then to Care for Your Child on a Fixed income with Car Problems then the police take your car cause you couldn't afford insurance, then you get laid off from your job, Bills start to pile up, depression child support, know your Credit is damaged, Age 21 Know living a Poor life, your Child has No Shoes & needs a Coats, Your Girl is pregnant & she stays with Her Mom know because you got pulled Over for Driving with No insurance then 2weeks later they suspended your license then took you to Jail for unpaid court fines and you lost your house & your 2nd Job, when you Get out no One wants to Hire You. You Been a Good Slave all Your Life yet according to The State you Haven't been Good enough. So Know I'm On My Jail Cell Floor Praying To My LORD to Help Me, I'm So Depressed & Stressed, I Hate Working for Them Factories do That Depressing Hard Work with So Much Danger Around Me, My Girl Can't Work She Has To Raise My Child & Protect Our Baby, What I'm I To Do My LORD The System is Building Prisons & They Pay More to Lock Me Up For Life Then They Are Willing to Help Give Me A Job that Can Help Me take Care of My family. All My Brothers & Sisters Face these Problems, Yet In The Suburbs these Problems don't Exist. No One Likes to Be Poor Hungry & Homeless & Going House to House Living On The Streets With No Sort of Hope, Then Comes Drugs into Ones Life to Take The Depressed & Painful Feeling of loneliness away. My LORD This World calls Me Sick then I cried out My name in Pain when In 9/11/2001 My eyes open and I woke up in a New body and with Haze vision Dear Tupac spoke with me as A Comfort sent into this cold world. I will always remember these words He spoke "no mater what you do they all going to hate you. So do what you do for what you does is ever true I shall proclaim you Amen

In My Body with Exit Wounds, with Torn Piercing My Bandanna Tells of This Tell so Well, Thus Tupacsunami Tupacific To Specific I AM IAM lAM IAMB lAMB Je Suis BLACK JESUS thus thee Sun of MAKAVELI AVELI ALIVE ELVIS LIVES ஜ۩۞۩ஜ~ 2PAC▬CALI▬▬LIPS▬▬2pocalypes▬▬I AM MAKAVELI ELI ELIJAH ELISHA SHAKUR TUSUNAMI TU PACIFIC SHAKUR SHARK ARK ▬▬ Shakespeare Arrow Shaker Breaker ▬▬ dis whats Up ▬▬ In My Body with Exit Wounds, with Torn Piercing My Bandanna Tells of This Tell, I Would Drink Your Sour Wine So Many Tears I Cried from Those Locked Down In Jail, Same Feeling When In A Casket Free My PEOPLES Locked Down In this liven Hail, So Know We Pray to The Saints & Preached & Told they'll Reach Down & Save Me From This Hell, Yet All I Get Is Static & Prison Cells From A Pain I Know So Well, . ”trick” RANG the Damn Alarm Bytch, . Someone Sound The Trumpets, Donald Trump Runs This Planet with Bill Gates, . Fuk That this the type Just can’t Stomach, So if a Man With A Billion Dollars, He Has All The Power as They Watch My People Plummet, Then Make Us Go To Public School While Are Parents Starving Broke even Cut are food stamps & w2, . They Wonder Why I Be Acting Ass Dummy Doing Dumb Shiii,
Get My Mind On My Money Pull The Triggah If Niggah Take Something From Me “Flip” A Stack I'm Getting Hungry, “Trick”, Dope On The Table,. Me & My Niggah Plot On Power Moves flipping this Caine to Enable Us Precious Jews, These Niggahz Up The Block Thinkin They Hotta Then A Lotta Dudez, . They Str'8 Jack it clic clat Padded Roomz, & Crush Some stonez In Front My Toom, . they Walk The Fukkin Streetz as If Life Was A~Damn Cartoon, Drama / Drama, . Ghetto Niggahz, Why We Put Shit On Are Momma, Now We Gonna Bust these Tigga Gettin Theze Stackz then Count Theze Figgaz “Yet”, Trama / Trama, . Next Trigga Come Gunnin For Ma Momma, Niggah Kick My Doe In lookin For My Money Caught Me Sleeping. , “Bro” I Feel Death Is Comming, . “Blood” Life Is A Bytch & My Peoplez Feel So Much Pain from the Streets Heat In Summer, .
Brain Washed In The Blood of My Peoplez Those Fed Killed, So Know We Drove Insane I’m Feelin half Dead Here , Every King That Came to Exspaine How to Make It In This Deadly Game, the FederalluminatiKkK took Him Out The Game In My Heart I Bled fear, Pain Deep In Side, How Do I Survive, Should I Die or Stay Alive 1000 Deaths then Dye the Color of My Skin Just To Survive Dear LORD Heal My Breath, I Cry till There No More Feeling left, “Yo Yo” The Fedz Don't Like Me Even If I Smiled or Had White Teeth They We'll Still Strike Me & Dislike Me,. They Calculate My Birth & Built Me A Prison Cell to Occupy Me, All Alone No One Writez Me, 25 to Life Cuz I Like to Where White Teez, Then Shred this White Beater On The Block More Kidz Growin Up Comin Posted Up with Heaterz, We Liven In The Blind of Violence Streets Trapped Inside Are Mind Forced To Do Time on The Grind against wicket mutha fukkaz hidden behind white sheets, the News Cast Loves To Brag About My Crimes public tidez of rap sheets genocide against My black Genes menopause entrapments,. Project hallways dark basement floors I bathe upon a black beach, Bar Me Down For Life, Made Sure That Black Men Has No Wife they hate It when I Rap Peace, My Baby Girl Left With 5 Kids W2 Checks, Never Had no Dreams so She Feels she's Set For Life Yet we’re trapped inside this System, “LORD Hear Me” My Girl Never Had A Daddy Momma On Drugs , as A Baby she was Depressed So Sadly, . A Product of The Devil is This CONSITUTION & INSTATUTIONS i Hate Madly, Know They Strap Me Down So Sick, Hope That I Broke My Fist, Hate The Fact I Wrote & Wish That I Never Exist, OPEN UP YOUR MIND CHILD WE CAN MAKE IT HAPPEN, I NOW IT HURTS AND IT SADDENS, I HERE YOUR TEARS DRIPPING ON YOUR BED ROOM SHEETS THREW THIS MADNESS, YOUR PEOPLE NEEDS YOUR HEALING WINGS FEED THEM OF YOUR GLADNESS, PAINT A BRIGHTER PATH TO LEAD THEM THREW THIS MADNESS, YOU SEE THAT SHINE IN MIST OF THE ROAD A GRACE TO BEHOLD OF THEE TIMES YOU'VE BE HOLD GLORY PEACE OF THE GLOW OF GOLD AS FLOWS OF STROLLS YOU'VE TOLD BEHOLD, THY SMILE UPON YOUR HEART THAT SHINE WITHIN THE DARK, THAT PLAYFUL MOMENTS IN THE PARK ON SWINGS WE MOVED FROM START, IN THE EYES OF YOUR CHILD FROM A TEAR I FEEL YOUR HEART, THE LOVE THAT BREATHS WITHIN, THIS ISN’T THE END YET IT A START ♥ SON KISS

— Makaveli Apac Coach acapella Coachella hellasmoove and Keyonti Vocal & Visaul Arts of Lambeau'ty ~-ღೋ-~}_)-~';THE NEW >>5WORD WORD5>>.;~;';~;.;_)_}~-~-> Threw slavery & Bondage the devil/beast within these worldly governments Have always e-jip & jewed us out of our freedom & gives us so much torment. Shall i surrender to thee one whom strikes me with there whips as they develop us into thee burden bares for generations to come, as we all fall down for the pain of thee burning torment & confusions is on vast. 400 years go by as i see there whips became mallets & our history is wiped away from Us. they refuses to even give Us clues of our relatives they stole us from & gave us no trace yet some cotton as I behold this cotton & suave my d.n.a hoping for a promised savoir. Have you Tried to Read your Child's School Work, Yet they My Be only 9 Years old in The 2nd Grade & the Pressures they Undergo from geometric shapes as Algebra is Know been taught in 1st Grade, then As They Begin to Develop Even More when they become 11 & 12 we've strike upon them so Many times because We forget When we Were Kids & How Deeply Depressing School Was, Yet Know Day They Teach to Our 7th Graders Work that In Our Day We Never seen In High school, As It Becomes Normal For the Entire Class to Drop Out Before there Time Came, & Few Genius Are Made Threw All That Are Blood Line Has Been Threw Have They Not Figure that Us People Need Are Rest/40acres & a Mule. I mean You Feed to Us So Much Spam With So Much Cultural bias reports We must intake. We're Different, I'm Not Saying We Can't Handle thee Works & Teachings Of gentiles. You Gentiles Need Must recognize that You Have Enslaved Us For Many Generations & Even threw thee Era of Emancipation Proclamation your Ways of Gentiles Continue To Oppress Us He Brew Africans in America. Yes You Took Us From Are Land & tried to Make Us Suffer As You Feared That Us Reclaiming Our He Brew African History will Rage Riots & Protest with Your Courts & School As You Have Judged So unruly As I Snatch Your Black Robe & White Wig & I Snatch Your Mallets From Your grasp As You Begin to Snare Your Teeth then I shall strike & forbid thee Wicca Wicked of your Pledge of Allegiance & All Your Star Spangle Shall Go threw thee defecation commodes As You Begin to Cover your Self in Your Own Filth as You Know Seek Protection For Your Pride Has Been Wasted to till thee squanders of Your Eagles Ego. You Our Not True Zionist Israel Has Always Been Here with You & Hitler was Your Friend as You Throw Up False Flags Yet I Read Between Your Thin Lines Your Time Is Up buddy!! You Made a Trade of Us to Build Your Whiten House Were You Rape Beat & Hung Us by Trees & Skin Us alive, This Pain Bleeds from thee Tears I Shed In this Dear Elijah Elisha John Dow Jones Letter, It Was You That Carved Hate So Deep Within thee Signs My Grandfather Bared to See My Great Grand Parents You've Beating Upon, Know Israel Strikes Back at You, you set you yourselves up. Just as Egypt enslaved the Hebrews of ancient Days as I look Upon Your Washington & Glace Upon Your Heart, You Wanted to Be A Great Nation as You've Proclaimed Egypt as Your eagle stands upon it's feet like a man with feathers i pluck & scorch to flames And Shatter Open This Babylonian Mark of The Beast You've Made With Your Corruption as You Have Devised Genocide Pledge to Cancer thee Planet & thee Hearts of My African Hebrew Men. For The Legend & Love for Our Struggle Against these men of Swine Have Spread, Days End Has Dawn As Thee Protector of Truth humanity & Eternal welfare's Has Come Once More With A Blazing Sword That Swings In Many Direction at Those whom Dare Try's to Bring Harm upon My Family tree of Life, LAMB First Born Blood is Poured Upon Me My Eyes Are Blazed With Fire Even thee Pilate light of a Stove Fears to fly upon This Great Knight! Just Wait & See My Dear Friend How Quick & Fast I Come rescue you, Please Believe

I need no more than what I came here for. It's all done, time to begin'! Be`Ginesis Be~Genius BeGun!! PoP Pac & Roc it Off /watch?feature=endscreen&v=p9Xzu38Uv4k&NR=1

God bless to thee whom speak the truth of the Lords prayers and wisdom. The divine beauty of the world is placed at your fingertips for knowledge. Go in peace triumph will find you.

Lღ√Ƹ @KilluminatiTheMovie on Youtube ♥ ║▌▌=BAR / ☆ =ROCK Abinoam =in obAma /last-boss-whole-class-sic-from -Keyon-Makaveli-Baby-Jesus-Keyzus-Christ-Glitz-Christolite-Lamb-Child-Thus-Thee-GOD-SUN-Of-TUPAC-ELISHA-SHAKUR-IS-ME-AND-I-AM-NEO-DON-KILO-KILLUMINATI-KONG- @Lil Wayne Raggedy ann doll & Baby Elmer Fudd lookin @Jay Z Kayne West Fag Azz Throne & Dumb Azz KuKluxKlan Triangle Hat Sign They Be Throwin Up @P Diddy Money Kong lookin Azz Face & Suga Knight Big Ugly Bluto Lookin Azz. Yall Niggaz Puzzy Afraid to Go to War Azz Nigga, Talkin Bout Walk god kings but want stand a for the meek & oppressed, F Yall, Know it's War Time & Yall Fighting over money & power cuz yall greedy yall wantz folkz to bow down & serve yall. F That. & f the united nation & all these evil azz wanna be god kingz on earth. I have an Ideal for you cowardz to prove yall worthy. Join My Killuminati Army & Bless Us with Your Love & Serve Us with The Truth, And Become the Men You Once We're when You'll didn't Have Million & before Us thee Meek People on earth Didn't Worship your Image. Kill Your Illuminati Kill Your Image & Save Us from Your Impure ways & Restore My Children Away from Your Lies That You Speak So Cleverly. My Brothers Please Save Me From Your Sins. I Know that You all Drink & Dine amongst thee what is Called thee Elite call, and you Love thee Kingdoms that you Have Built from thee Spoils of thee wagers of Us thee Meek whom this world Has Enslaved for So many many Generations of Pain, Yet I tell You My Friend My Sword Is Kindling & Sharpen With thee Most Vicious temper as I Know Demand Your Entire Cup, Pour Yee into My River as An Offering of Peace Give My Heart thee Will to Separate you for those Illuminati Marks that Control thee broadcast of this new cyber warfare of insults yee have casp upon Me. I will forgive you Only if Yee Shall speak Against these New World Order, NWO, Council on Foreign Relations & The League of Nations of these secret societies within thee United Nations /watch?v=-N9tznyLzkA /watch?v=hEgT4m6K6YQ Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), United Nations, Trilateral Commission, The Bilderberg Group & The Media This is the 2nd quarter of Chapter 3 This is a new documentation which will be split into 50 parts. Including political issues, the truth about 911, lying politicians, new world order, satanic government, satanic hollywood, the music industry, symbology & numerology, ancient history & cultures, rituals, secret societies, human consciousness, tv mind control, the solution and much more... Its all about being aware of things, it's time to wake up. We all have been asleep for too long. The truth will set you free. This is the 1st quarte... I HAVE COME TO TAKE OVER THE CARTER The World Got A Problem Know Baby :) Yeah!!! ♥ No need for me to lie. It's too big, it's too wide. It's too strong, it won't fit. It's too much, it's too tough. He talk like this 'cause he can back it up. He got a big ego, ,⌣»̶·̵̭̌·̵̭̌✽̤̈̊ ⎝⏠⏝⏠⎠ (⏠⏝⏠) ⎝⏠⏝⏠⎠░ҳ-Ѽ҆҆҅҄҃҆҆҅҄҃҆҆҅҄҃ )̷̸̷̸̮̐̐ ̷̸̷̥̐̐⌣̊┈-̶̯͡»̶̥. • .•°*”˜˜”*°•.¸☆ Lღ√Ƹ ☆¸.•°*”˜˜”*°•.¸☆ ☀ Lovέ ☀ Lღ√Ƹ✽Ⓛⓞⓥⓔ❤ Lﻉ√٥ ❤ °´'`°•.
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